My Life Our Journey Foundation's core focus is to be a pillar of support and a resource for families and individuals to aid with funeral cost and related expenses, so all people can bury their loved ones with dignity!

My Life Our Journey Foundation recognizes the challenges within disadvantaged communities. Our vision is to embrace communities with hope, help, and healing with a feeling that no one should be left behind. The My Life Our Journey Foundation will respond swiftly and proportionally by creating a profound positive change through actions and attitude shifts within the communities at large.

Committed – We’re committed to our mission, vision and purpose.
Determined – We’re determined to lift up areas that may have fallen down.
Effectiveness – Through our diligent effort we have no choice but to be effective.
Genuine – With a heart of God our motives are genuine and pure.
Integrity – Our promise is to serve with integrity.
Leadership - Our leadership is comprised of men and women who care for all of God’s people.
Support – We believe when we support each other, GREAT THINGS HAPPEN!

“If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich.” John F. Kennedy

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Help us help those in need of funeral/burial assistance. MY LIFE OUR JOURNEY FOUNDATION’S NPO NUMBER IS 60514.
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